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Pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome


Pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome (PIH syndrome), most occurred at 20 weeks of gestation and two weeks of postpartum, accounting for about 5% of all pregnant women. One part is also accompanied by proteinuria or edema , called the pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome,Pregnancy induced hypertension can cause renal arteriolar sclerosis, Luminal stenosis, flow block, renal ischemia, impaired renal function, less urine, and urinary protein, serious person can appear kidney failure.

Essential hypertension, Pregnancy 20 weeks, Blood pressure rising can cause Rupture of cerebral aneurysm

Cholesterol, fat, calcium and other substances deposits in the rift (Atherosclerotic plaque)

Arterial wall sediments increase, Arterial attenuate

The blood flow is slow, gradually deposited thrombosis

The velocity of blood flow becomes slow, causing renal ischemia

Capillary damaged results in Renal function injury

A large number of protein comes out

Appearing severe edema, swollen face, swollen legs etc

As for the development of Hypertensive nephropathy,our Hospital adopts to the different prescription characteristic “Four one” traditional Chinese Medicine therapy—an oral Chinese medicine, a bottle of Maikang Composition, a dose of external application with Chinese medicine, a basin of foot bath medicine.They can not only treat the internal disease but also treat the external disease. Oral drugs,such as promoting blood circulation drugs and stasis-breaking drugs,and topical drugs are both used to remove stasis. Thus, control the patient’s disease and improve the patient’s condition obviously,and finally improve the Hypertensive nephropathy in a large degree.

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