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World Kidney Day
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Photoelectric Microscope
Electrophoresis Analyzer
Urinary Sediment Analyser and Urine Analyzer
Roche cobas8000 full-automatic biochemical immunity analyzer
Siemens BN2 specific protein analyzer
UF-500 full-automatic analyser for visible components of urinary sediments
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Zhang Youkang,M.D.
Wang Zhanping,M.D
Mao Yan,M.D
Zhang Lu,M.D
Shi Wei
faq/ 256 pages
Relevant revolutions of iga nephropathy and nephrotic syndrome .
How to prevent kidney disease well ?
Can a wife of a male patient with kidney disease give birth to a child ?
What is nocturia
The reason of foam in urine
How to avoid kidney disease relapse ?
Habits of damaging kidney
The harms of hypopiesia and how to rise blood pressure level
The High Uric Acid
Diets Of Nephrotic Syndrome
Male smoking will increase the risk of renal carcinoma
Can secondary membranous nephropathy be cured
Treatment of lupus nephropathy
The reason of kidney damaging
A letter to patient with diabetes nephropathy
What are the symptoms of kidney failure?
How to avoid the aggravation of IGA nephropathy?
How to do when occuring to proteinuria
What are the symptoms of diabetic nephropathy and what is the treatment?
Side-effect of Kidney Dialysis Treatment
How to treat renal cyst? Living habits is very important!
What’s the reason of high serum creatinine?
What should focus on in daily life for hypertensive nephropathy patients
The symptom of diabetic nephropathy
Signals of kidney disease
Tonifying kidney after childbirth
Movements of nursing kidney
How to diagnose pediatric AIDS
Kidney disease manifestations of male
How to protect kidney by drinking water.
What kind of black food can protect kidney
Holding urine and do not drink water will damage kidney
What should patient with advanced kidney cancer do about nursing
Jobs and renal carcinoma
The methods of treating membranous nephropathy
Why are kidney diseases easy to be ignored
Will dialysis of kidney disease infect
Diet guidance of pediatric nephropathy
The cause of malarial nephropathy
Obesity and kidney disease
How to protect kidney for women
Prevention of children kidney disease
Swelling in different parts of body
What should patient pay attention after renal carcinoma operation
How much water is good for kidney
Coldrex may damage kidney
Five signals of kidney disease
The answers of kidney diseases questions
The early symptoms of chronic kidney disease
The nursing of renal carcinoma
The causes of lupus nephritis and how to nurse?
How to prevent minimal change nephropathy ?
What should patient with PKD pay attention
The harm of febrifuge and habits of damaging kidney .
How to treat kidney disease ?
Can patient with nephropathy syndrome eat mutton ?
Symptoms of kidney damaged for women
Conversation about iga nephropathy
Prevention of kaliopenia
Diseases caused by renal cysts and diet
Advice of supplementing kidney for men
The way of supplementing kidney for women
How to prevent chronic kidney disease
How to relief the pain of kidney stone
The diet and symptoms of hypocalcemia
Can renal failure be treated by diet
The diet of diabetes
The symptoms of nephropyelitis
What should patient with kidney stone eat
Answers of doctors
The reason why no symptoms in uremia
How to replenish the lost protein
Some food makes kidney disease recur
Notice of kidney disease
Symptoms of kidney disease recur
The common reasons of back pain
Can patient with kidney disease apply hormone?
Side effects of patients with kidney disease eating hormone
The reason of kidney function worsening
Conversations between doctors and patients
Questions and answers of kidney disease between doctors and patients
Complications of kidney disease
Will Kidney Disease Develop into Uremia Finally
Mistakes of Preventing Kidney Disease and Recurrence
What kind of food can patient with gout eat?
The causes of nephrotic syndrome recurring
Can patients with nephrotic syndrome eat seafood?
Traditional Chinese and western therapies ,a key of preventing kidney disease
The Etiologies of CKD
Diet Notices of Renal Cyst Patient
Habits of kidney disease patients
How long can patients with iga nephropathy survive?
Acute renal failure
Can the patient with chronic nephritis eat cakes?
The harmful factors of PKD
The reasons why the uremia patients suffer from hemorrhage of digestive tract
Diagnostic points of chronic renal insufficiency
Stages of renal failure
How to treat renal damage caused by hypertension?
What’s the suitable food for chronic nephritis
The morbidity of chronic kidney disease is on the rise
Renal diet for vegetarians: What about protein?
People who are likely to get kidney function failure
What diet should patients with kidney cyst pay attention to ?
Waking up with eyelid edema may be chronic nephritis
Can renal failure patient eat potatoes?
Do you really understand the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome?
What the common reason for causing the recurrence of nephritis
The protection of kidney in winter
The Daily Diet of Nephrotic Syndrome
These habits are very harmful to kidney
When the patient with kidney failure needs to take dialysis
Reference diet for patients with kidney disease
Through changes of the urine color to determine kidney disease
How to prevent nephritis effectively?
What are the symptoms of woman with kidney deficiency?
What Symptoms Indicate Kidney Damage?
How to control salt intake in patients with renal failure who are undergoing the dialysis?
Preventing from renal inadequacy in winter time
What kind of disease caused by kidney disease
What are the diagnostic criteria for chronic nephritis?
If discovery of renal cysts what is need to pay attention to?
Invisible killer of kidney disease
Seafood and beer can cause acute renal failure
Why my creatinine level is high?
Is Docusate Safe For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients
The three principles of patients with chronic nephritis
What is renal fibrosis?
Patient with diabetic nephropathy eat fish can helps kidney health
Women with high pressure will also suffer nephritis
What are the obvious symptoms of IgA nephropathy
Three kinds of treatment of hypertensive nephropathy
The kidney disease patient can’t eat salt?
Is acute renal failure serious?
The good habits of nephropathy patients
How to prevent the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome
How to nourish our kidneys?
The effective method of protecting the kidney
Can nephrotic syndrome eat spicy foods?
Renal failure patients should eat less beef and mutton
Which are the main symptoms of nephrotic syndrome
Children are also prone to nephrotic syndrome
What bacteria and virus cause nephritis?
How reduce blood pressure of patient with hypertensive nephrosis
The male need to drink less beer and more water to protect kidney
Be careful! Lots of weight-reducing medicine may lead to the kidney disease
What kind of people susceptible to lupus nephritis?
The kaliopenia has serious damage
How to prevent from purpura nephritis?
How to do if patients with polycystic kidney disease catch a cold
How to nurse the patients with renal insufficiency?
What are the symptoms of patients with renal failure?
Can secondary membranous nephropathy be controled?
Complications of Uremia
Mushroom and Leek could help delivery woman tonify kidney
The reason why nephritic syndrome may appear plenty of proteinuria
The importance of drinking water for renal failure patients
What aspects do the hypertensive nephropathy hurt patients?
Can polycystic kidney patients give birth to babies?
Is it good for glomerular nephritis patients to eat green vegetables?
Most timely tonifying kidney should be at about age 25
How should children with acute nephritis balance diet
What kind of fruits do hypertensive nephropathy patients can eat?
What’s the characteristic children with nephrotic syndrome?
Tips for Protecting Our Kidney
What Are White Radish Health Benefits For Kidneys
What Are Exercise for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Is Yoga Good for Kidney?
Will A Vegetable/ Fresh Fruit Diet Raise My Kidney GFR
Should I Cut Back on Meat Protein if My BUN Is High
The Alarm of Renal Failure
What’s the relationship between urina sanguinis and kidney disease?
The creatinine level
Renal anemia
How do i know i got diabetic nephropathy?
The biopsy indication of diabetic nephropathy
What is Kidney Biopsy?
CKD Children’ s Eating, Diet, and Nutrition
The redundant kidney can not be donor
What are the Uremia treatment misunderstandings caused by polycystic kidney disease ?
Can uremia be controlled effectively?
What’s the harmful factors of renal insufficiency?
How do people get PKD?
Which symptoms can predict lupus nephritis?
What are the healthy diet of the acute renal failure
Middle-aged women are more likely to suffer from renal failure
Can high creatinine be prevented?
Why we get sick?
Take care when the urine volume change suddenly
What are the common causes of nephritis
kidney disease be controled by dialysis?
Moderate folic acid supplementation could slow progression of CKD
Drinking and Kidney Failure
The causes of PKD ?
what are the early symptoms of female kidney disease patients
The tips of purpura nephritis on diets
How does Chinese medicine treat well for patients with nephrotic syndrome
The preventive of chronic renal failure
Could chronic nephritis patients eat salt or alkali?
What is the creatinine
What is the simple cyst of the kidney ?
To pay more attention to their own kidney before pregnancy
The food need the chronic kidney nephritis patient to get away from
Can patients with kidney disease eat beans food?
The reason of nephrotic edema
Little common sense to prevent nephritis in winter
Is dark circle under eyes the representation of deficiency of kidney?
What should hypertensive nephropathy pay attention to in the treatment?
The cause of blood in enteron for the uremia patient
What to eat is good for kidney disease?
Bad Habits Damage Kidney
What Kind of Symptom of Kidney Disease Can be controled through Medicated Bath
Strong Tea Do Harm to Kidney and Bone
How to Prevent Complication of NS (nephritic syndrome)
How Many Kinds of TCM to control Chronic Nephritis?
Edible oil has a lot of kidney disease patients should be how to eat?
Vast Bean Products Harm Kidney
Four Things That the Uremia Patients Should Pay Attention
What Does Urine Color Show?
The breakthrough of kidney transplant
Medical Treatment for Kidney Disease, Perseverance
The Reasons that Make the Creatinine Level Goes Up
Some Concerns for Hemodialysis Patients
Face menopause?to fill the body before the kidney
The ways to release the condition of chronic kidney failure disease
Hypertension May Easily Cause Kidney Disease
Ten ways to protect the kidney
What Makes Children With Kidney Diseases
The Chronic Kidney disease
In such a cold season, what about patients with kidney disease?
What are the Suitable Food for Chronic Nephritis
how does the patient with hypertension prevent from uremia
india/ 1 pages
Kidney Disease
news/ 32 pages
International Development of Kidney Disease Hspital
Often eat instant noodles, can cause kidney failure
Pay attention to the risk factors of acute kidney injury
Stronger flavor having in a long term might cause the kidney disease
Diet principles of kidney cysts
Diet principles of kidney insufficiency
What are the effective way to control blood sugar?
Diet principles of chronic glomerulonephritis
Diet principles of hypertensive nephropathy
Diet principles of uremia
What is the first-use syndrome?
Treatment for Lupus Nephritis
Why Lupus Nephritis Patients Can’t be Exposed Under the Sun?
Complications after kidney transplant surgery
Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital Multilingual Consulting Obtain Thumbs-up
Precaution for the Renal Transplant
29 famous kidney disease experts gather for patient consultation in our hospital
TCM Kidney Disease Therapeutic Apparatus is Granted National Patent Authorization
Welcome the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates and Papua New Guinea to Shijiazhuang kidney hospital
Free Medical Service of Shijianzhuang Kidney Disease Hospital in Dragon Boat Festival
Twenty three children get free treatment on the Children’s Day
Preparations before coming to our hospital
March 12, 2015—World Kidney Day
Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hopsital win the title as 2014 National Excellent Private Hospital
Let’s enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival party
SJZ hospital has been conferred Hebei province scientific and technological achievement award on
The medical assistance fund launching ceremony was held
Let Teaching Come into Hospital
Sina 2013, Annul China Health Festival
patient/ 109 pages
Patient story
The Chinese treatment trip of diabetic nephropathy patient
How to reduce high creatinine level
Treatment of patients with acute renal failure
Hypertensive renal disease diet
Renal insufficiency patient go far away to see the light
Diabetic nephropathy patients
Three months ago,in order to get rid of hematuria, Xiaoyu and his mother came to Shijiazhuang
Can dialysis be really achieved?
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Patient story
Battle History Against Diabetic Nephropathy for a Foodie
A little boy with FSGS in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
Patient’s disease condition would be improved, if blood sugar can be controlled well.
Reducing Blood Pressure is not An Easy Thing
Treatment of patients with diabetes
Diabetic Nephropathy or Diabetic Disease + Nephropathy
Diabetic Nephrotis Patient’s Proteinuria Reduced
Chinese traditional treatment brings kidney patients new hope.
Patient story
Polycystic kidney disease
Renal cyst
Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment Effect
Aunt Gao’s Condition Improved a Lot After Accepting Treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospita
Good Treatment Effect of Purpura Nephropathy in SJZ Kidney Disease Hospital
To control Purpura Nephritis is Not Just a Tale
The Treatment Diary for One Purpura Patient in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
I lost one kidney because of renal cysts
Across the ocean to see a doctor in China
Blood Purification Treatment, the Enemy of Purpura Nephritis
Do you know that? Cold capsules can cause acute interstitial nephritis.
Mysterious Chinese medicine let me recover so well in a short time
How to clean toxins for kidney failure patients?
Kidney Cysts
Feeling weakness? Have a try of Chinese medical bath
Preventing polycystic kidney disease stepping into uremia stage?
Patient story
It’s Possible for Uremia Patient to Stop Dialysis
How to control PKD
Swollen Face Disappeared
Proteinuria treatment in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital
Small Fat Man Turned into a Handsome Boy
Why PKD can cause pain of the right kidney area?
Doctor, you don’t need to buy me lunch any more
Half a Month, We Give You a Miracle
Patient story
Get Rid of Occult Blood
Even Away From Home, You Are Not Alone
We should go to there, no matter how far it is
Rebirth of a Uremia Patient
Chinese daughter_Aenians
It is not only a dream to get rid of dialysis
Acute renal failure children can eventually return to school
The right treatment for polycystic kidney disease
Patient story
Both father and son with PKD got treated in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital
Uschi Mary, a Persevering Girl
Is it still necessary for me to save myself?
How to treat uremia without dialysis?
Eliminate dialysis!
Chinese medicine helps Indonesian patients with kidney failure
I can’t bear dialysis any more
Racing against time to survive
Patient story
Save time, save your life
One-month treatment changed back your health
Uremia Patient Under Dialysis Appeard Swelling Again
From despair to surprise, Zhang Shu now is very happy
Syrian lady-A story of rebirth
A Maintenance Man Want To Lose Weight
Proteinuria and occult blood of our patient with lupus nephritis become negative
【ARF】 “Pistachio nut” is going back home happily
Patient story
Separate ways-I will not go with you from now on.
Clearing the Liquid, Weight Is Losing
Is there hope for uremia patient to get rid of dialysis?
She finally gets rid of dialysis after four-month efforts.
The Living Achieved Wishes Of The Dead
Treatment For Proteinuria Of Diabetic Nephropathy
Four month’s efforts, no dialysis anymore
Catching A Cold Caused Big Trouble
Patient story
Changes in Eleven Days
I Am A Lucky Guy in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital
Chinese therapy treatment for IgA nephropathy
Journey of seeking treatment for focal segmental harden
Minimal Change Nephropathy is easy to be controled
What Should We Do If Swelling Legs Relapse
Trust is very important between patients and doctors
Since coming here, my disease has been greatly improved
Patient story
Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital Was Granted The Prominent Private Hospital of The Country
Miracle Happens to Robert
The “young diplomatist” in Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital
How to Treat Kidney Failure without Dialysis or Transplant
Can uremia patients avoid dialysis?
A Story of Child with Nephritis from Saudi Arabia
A story of born with one kidney patient from India
Kidney Cyst Makes Me Lose One Kidney
Patient story
Patient story
service/ 1 pages
treatment/ 59 pages
Renal Fibrosis: Patients with Kidney Disease Should Pay High Attention
Treatment for PKD
Two Treatment Keys For Renal Failure
Curative Effect Observation In A Short Time After Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotheropy
Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for the Polycystic Kidney Cyst in the Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease
The treatments of Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis
The treatments of diabetic nephropathy
The treatments of IGA
What Is the Plasma Exchange
Continuous Renal Replacement Treatment
The treatments of CKD
The treatments of kidney failure
Three Kidneys Detoxification Therapy
Treatment plans for uremia patients
 How much do you know about dialysis?
The pros and cons of hormone therapy
Our Unique Treatment Methods for Kidney Disease
Stem Cell
Theory of stem cell transplantation (SCT) to kidney disease treatment
Can urine therapy make effects in treating Kidney Failure ?
Immune Adsorption
How does plasma exchange work?
Immune Adsorption Treatment
Plasma exchange
Gua Sha
Foot Bath Treatment with Chinese Medicine
What is Blood Pollution Therapy? And the three processes of it.
The Clinical Therapeutic Effects of Micro Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy
Better treatment for kidney stones
What are the treatment principles of renal failure
CKD Treatment
Sugar Kidney Related To High Blood Pressure
Traditional Chinese Medicine
How to Shrink Kidney Cysts
The side-effects of the hemodialysis
Better Treatment for Diabetic Nephropathy
“Four one” TCM therapy for Diabetic Nephropathy
Medicated Bath Therapy
Micron Treatment and Function
Homeopathy for Kidney Disease
Traditional Chinese Medicine Moxibustion therapy
How to treat Nephrotic Syndrome without relapse?
Hot Compress Therapy
Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy
Interventional Therapy of Kidney Disease
Why FSGS Relapses After Kidney Transplant
Micro Chinese Medicine Treatment
"Four One"Therapy
stem cell therapy
The continuous blood purification technology
video/ 22 pages
Diabetes Nephropathy
Immune Adsorption Treatment
Polycystic Kidney Disease
Pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome
Interventional therapy·radiofrequency ablation therapy
Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Moxibustion Therapy
Osman, ESRD on Dialysis, Somalia
Natural Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Nephritis and ESRD
Walter, PKD and Stage 3 CKD, America
The Best Treatment for PKD without Dialysis or Kidney Transplant
Plasma Exchange
Maikang Composition
Acute Interstitial Nephritis
Micro Chinese medicine Osmotherapy
Chinese Herbal Cycle Therapy
Chinese Herbal Full Bath Therapy
Why can diabetes result in kidney disease?