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Charging Standard of Hospitalization

The main charges during treatment

Expert Consultation Fee: once for about 1000-2000RMB

Nurse service:around 15,000RMB to 30,000RMB a month

Test expense: 5,000RMB to 10,000RMB

Chinese medicine in hospitalization period: external application of Chinese medicine, oral medicine, foot bath, enema, fumigation, medicated bath, acupoint application. The therapies depend on the condition.

Chinese medicine in hospitalization period

Chinese medicine in hospitalization period Expense Time
External Application of Chinese Medicine 150-300RMB/dose 8-12doses/day
Maikang Mixture 98RMB/bottle 1-3bottles/day
Oral Taking Chinese Medicine 50-260RMB/dose 1 dose/day
Chinese Herbal Feet Bath 50-156RMB/dose 4-8 doses/day
High Retention Herbal Enema Therapy 30-100RMB/dose 1 dose/time
Herbal FumIGation Therapy 1000-2000RMB/day once/day
Chinese Herbal Medicated Full Body Bath 500-1500RMB/time once/day
Acupoint Application 200-300RMB/two days once/2 days

The medicine patient taking home should depend on his physical condition before he discharged.

Charges of dialysis and plsama exchange

Dialysis and plsama Expense Time
Regular Hemodialysis 470RMB/time once
Dialysis + Filtration 730RMB/time once
High-flux Hemodialysis 650RMB/time once
Hemofiltration 730RMB/time once
Hemoperfusion 1657-3840RMB/time once
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy 6,600-8,000RMB once
Plasma Exchange 12,000-14,000RMB once

Chinese medicine treatments charging standard:

Chinese medicine treatments charging standard Expense Time
Enema therapy (drugs is extra) 8 RMB / time once
Colon therapy (drugs is extra) 220 RMB / time (including material costs) 10 times / month
FumIGation treatment (drugs is extra) 18 RMB / area / time(no more than 30 minutes), (2 areas, 10 times / month)(5 RMB more for extra 10 minutes) (2 areas, 10 times / month)
Ordinary acupuncture treatment (materials is extra) 2 RMB / point 10 points, 10 times / month
Pricking method (materials is extra) 10 RMB /point 2 points, 1 / month
Fast Acupunture (materials is extra) 2 RMB /point 2 points, 1 / month
Warm Acupuncture (materials is extra) 2.2 RMB /point 6 points, 1 0/ month
Moxibustion therapy (drugs is extra) 10 RMB / time / area 10 times / month
Moxibustion therapy (drugs is extra) 2 RMB /point 10 times / month
Du moxibustion therapy (drugs is extra) 8 RMB / time 10 times / month
Sandwiched moxibustion (drugs is extra) 9 RMB /point 10 times / month
Acupuncture point application of Chinese medicine 91 RMB / time 10 times / month
Chinese medicine bath treatment (drugs is extra) 80- 150 RMB / time 10 times / month
Cupping therapy 7 RMB / 3 cups 5 times / month
Moving fire cupping therapy 9 RMB /area/ time 5 times / month
Far IR treatment 9 RMB / time 3 times / month
Traditional Massage 45 RMB / part / time 5 areas/4 times / month
Ear-point therapy 9/RMB/one ear 2 ears, 3 times/month

Car fare:

It will take the patient 1800 RMB, if we pick him up at Beijing airport.

It will take the patient 100 RMB, if we pick him up at Zhengding airport.


1, Western medicine and treatment costs are not included.

2,This program is a course of treatment (adjust treatment programs according to the conditions ).