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Prevent gouty nephropathy from the beginning of knowing it.

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Prevent gouty nephropathy from the beginning of knowing it.

Gout is a disease caused by hereditary or acquired venereal disease caused by a persistent increase in purine metabolism and blood uric acid.It is a chronic purine metabolic disorder, a group of diseases caused by increased serum uric acid.Clinical features include hyperuricemia, recurrent episodes of gout, the formation and deposition of gout, chronic arthritis of gout, and gouty nephropathy.

Prevent gouty nephropathy from the beginning of knowing it.

The prevalence of gout is increasing year by year, and the incidence is younger.More than 90 percent of gout patients are male, and women rarely suffer from gout before menopause, because estrogen promotes uric acid excretion and can inhibit the onset of arthritis.

The body's purines undergo a series of metabolic changes, resulting in uric acid, which is a waste of human metabolism.In normal circumstances, uric acid is continuously generated and excreted, maintaining dynamic balance.Hyperuricemia can occur when purine metabolic abnormalities cause excessive uric acid production or decrease due to renal excretion of uric acid.When the concentration of blood uric acid exceeds its solubility in the blood, uric acid salt or uric acid crystals by deposition in the blood to the joints, arthritis, deposited in the soft tissues stone formation (gout stone, kidney stones).

Acute gouty arthritis.

1. Rapid development and rapid development;

2. Obviously red, swollen, hot, painful, painful and can cause fever;

3.70% of the first metatarsal joint;

4. Single joint suffering;

5. After the first attack, no severe patients in a few hours, or 1 to 2 days will ease, serious patients will last for days or even weeks, inflammation receded, the local skin is dark red, light purple, with mild desquamation and itching, remission legacy no discomfort.In early according to the above characteristics combined with elevated blood uric acid can clear diagnosis, but form tophus swollen sex after chronic arthritis above characteristics is not obvious, should be ruled out a variety of other diseases before they can cause arthritis diagnosis, line joint puncture find urate crystals as needed can be confirmed.

Gouty nephropathy.

1. Chronic hyperuricemia nephropathy: early proteinuria and endoscopic hematuria, gradually increased nocturnal urination and decreased urine weight, and eventually developed as uremia by nitrogenemia;

2. Acute hyperuricemia: a rapid increase in serum uric acid concentration in the short term, crystallization, hematuria, and leukocyte urine in urine, resulting in low urine, no urine, acute renal failure and death;

3. Uric acid kidney stones: 20% to 25% concurrent uric acid urinary calculi, most patients can have renal colic, hematuria and urinary tract infection symptoms.

Obesity, overwork, emotional stimulation, cold and dampness are also prone to gout, but walking can reduce uric acid value and reduce gout.The incidence of primary gout is closely related to dietary protein intake.The frequent intake of high purine food (such as animal entrails, seafood) and heavy drinking can significantly increase the level of uric acid in the blood, causing gout.

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