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What should dialysis patient remember in winter?

Read|Information source:SJZ kidney disease hospital|Published:2017-11-14

What should dialysis patient remember in winter?

In winter, for hemodialysis patients is a sad season, for those patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment with selected vascular fistulais are more need to strengthen the self protection of internal fistula to avoid vascular fistula blocking to influence the dialysis treatment.

What should dialysis patient remember in winter?

In winter, temperature changes a lot, and the temperature of indoor and outdoor also has a difference big. Sometimes you get cold when you're not careful. After being cooled, the blood vessels contract, the cavity becomes thinner and the blood flow is blocked. In addition, cold stimulation can lead to increased blood viscosity and slow blood flow, especially for patients with diabetes.

Therefore, patients with nephropathy should strengthen their thermal protection and their resistance to get over the cold winter safely.

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