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The causes of patients with kidney diseases have edema

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The causes of patients with kidney diseases have edema

1. The most typical kidney disease is nephrotic syndrome.At the same time patients with protein leakage ,patient also lose massive plasma-albumin ,and plasma-albumin content decreased will cause The plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased,The permeability of capillaries increases, causing the osmotic pressure in the tissues below the blood, which causes the plasma to enter the tissue fluid and form edema.

2. In addition to plasma albumin lowering the resulting oedema, there are other causes of edema.For example, the kidney is severely damaged, the glomerular filtration rate is decreased, the renal tubule is reabsorbed by the sodium ions, and the sodium ion retention is left in the cell, which can also cause the edema.

The causes of patients with kidney diseases have edema

How to treat edema?

1. Replenish high quality protein and apply to edema caused by hypoalbuminemia.

For patients with renal disease with a large number of proteinuria, most of them need to be supplemented with high-quality protein, milk and egg whites.The normal daily intake of protein is 0.6 grams per kilogram, which can be calculated according to the patient's own weight.

2. Use diuretics, applicable to water retention caused by water retention, and have the effect of hypotensive.A low-salt diet is due to sodium in salt.In the long term, the most important thing to eliminate edema is to reduce urinary protein.

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