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What are the causes of kidney cancer?

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 What are the causes of kidney cancer?

The etiology of renal carcinoma is not clear so far and the ethnic and geographical conditions are not important factors for renal tumors. There are reports of aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic amines, aflatoxins, hormones, radiation and viruses can cause kidney cancer.

 What are the causes of kidney cancer?

Some hereditary diseases such as tuberous sclerosis and multiple neurofibroma can be combined with renal cell carcinoma. Renal combined with renal pelvis may be associated with local chronic irritation.

The relationship between smoking and kidney cancer?! The smoking time length is directly related to the disease getting rate and also consider that smokers’ urine has increased various mutagenic active substance content. Phosphite nitro amine in the tobacco can also cause kidney cancer.

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