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Zhang Daning is a famous nephrologist, physician of TCM, Chinese leading authority of nephrology, physician descendant of six generations, and recognized authoritative care physicians for the state leaders. Meanwhile, he is also the President of the International Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine nephropathy, Chinese Medicine Research Association and Zhang Daning Traditional Medicine Foundation, chairman of the Society of Nephrology. Since His learning in this new discipline to develop kidney disease in Chinese medicine made a significant contribution, particularly the Ginseng Qi capsule has been developed successfully by Zhang Daning, he is even regarded as the founder of Chinese medicine Nephrology. He holds concurrent posts as president in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and Tianjin four Chinese Medicine Hospital, also professors in three Medicine College. He is worldwide recognized as a master of kidney TCM who has published books in millions of words and developed almost one thousand kinds of prescriptions. The theory in his TCM kidney monograph "Practical Chinese medicine Nephrology" and "Chinese medicine nephrology Dictionary" and "21st Century three-in-one method in reinforcing kidney --- Blood stasis result in kidney deficiency and blood circulation to reinforcing kidney " has been recognized by the Chinese and Western scholars. And he was known as the founder of TCM Nephrology.

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